About Codega Media

Codega Media is a full-service multi-media company dedicated to curating engaging, diverse, and thought-provoking content across multiple platforms. We specialize in creating content for film and television, as well as producing experiences, conversations, summits, retreats, and festivals created, produced, and written by women. Our platform-agnostic approach means we’re able to work with a diverse range of clients and collaborators, from established global brands to up-and-coming independent creatives. 

At Codega Media, we’re committed to building and nurturing communities, and we believe that the entertainment industry has a key role to play in shaping culture and promoting positive change. That’s why we offer production assistant training to help aspiring filmmakers and media professionals gain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in this fast-paced and competitive industry. Our training program covers everything from technical skills to financial literacy, industry jargon, and more, providing a comprehensive foundation for those looking to make a career in the entertainment industry. 

In 2021, Codega Media was proud to write the business case for Toyota Motors North America, helping to secure $100MM in funding for their social justice initiative. This is just one example of our commitment to using media and storytelling to effect positive change in the world. Whether we’re producing groundbreaking content, hosting inspiring events, or training the next generation of media professionals, Codega Media is dedicated to creating a more diverse, inclusive, and socially conscious media landscape.