Production Assistant Training

Introduction will include meeting instructor(s); production assistant job description; setting expectations for the training; meeting the trainees. 


The Production Ecosystem will include a visual whiteboard of film crew positions and explanation for chain of command. This visual provides a high-level overview of career pathways. 


Life Skills segment will teach basic financial literacy 101 – Everything from managing the precarious nature of production including saving money to survive an extended hiatus to the importance of time management, attendance, and zero tolerance for tardiness. 


Industry Speak will teach a high-level of film and television glossary terms. This area will focus on “walkie-talkie” speak and Covid protocol. Trainees will have an opportunity to test their knowledge with hands-on training in this area. 


Technical Application will give trainees an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge by asking questions in real time while using basic industry tools such as walkie-talkies and call-sheet. 


The Final will include a multiple-choice written exam covering the material taught on day one. This exam will ensure that trainees have retained the knowledge and core competencies necessary to begin working as a production assistant.

As a Value Add, we’ll include a bonus two-day grip and electric training offsite.